Boats at Rest – Loose style painting in Acrylic

Boats at Rest, Flushing, Cornwall, Acrylic Painting, Seascape, Falmouth, Loose Style Painting, Acrylic on Board

BOATS AT REST , Flushing, Cornwall

Size:         11″ x 9″ Framed

Medium: Acrylic on Board


Loose style Painting
This is a great example of why Loose style painting can be so much fun, this is a well known view locally and as a painter you can be easily daunted by the buildings in the background, especially with all the windows.
Loose style painting, allows the painter to give an impression of what is there without having the headache of counting measuring and applying an accurate realism to each building, this style allows you to concentrate on the light and atmosphere of the subject.

Flushing, Loose Style, Boats at Rest, Cornwall, Acrylic Painting, Board