An effective way of capturing light and shadows in your painting is by adopting a more impressionistic style, such as this painting i did on the South Coast of Cornwall Nr Mylor – Falmouth, now , as many of you know Sophi Beharrell normally does very photo realist paintings but as any artist will tell you, it is good to challenge yourself ! otherwise you’ll get bored.
I tried to enhance all the colours i saw in the Brambles and was surprised to see a lot of dusky blues and mauves amongst the maroon leaves , this was when the leaves flickered in the Autumn breeze, catching the underside and was a lovely contrast to the sun dancing streaks of light thru the tree.
The white light at the end of the path is the last part of my walk where you walk thru a dark tunnel of trees that opens up to Greatwood Quay that over looks Mylor Harbour, a must see when you next visit Falmouth or Truro in Cornwall.
So, in a nutshell, Less is sometimes more, a few dobs and blobs can say more about the atmosphere of that beautiful Autumnal walk than fine detail.