Porthtowan to Chapel Porth – Invest in your art on a budget!

PORTHTOWAN TO CHAPEL PORTH - Copy - CopyDon’t be afraid to try various techniques, it is very easy for an artist to get rather stayed in their approach to painting and it doesn’t matter whether you are an Amateur artist or a Professional Painter, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to invest in painting , some of the most effective results maybe come from using house hold items, here are a few that i use.

TOOTHBRUSH…not my husbands. This is great for adding froth on Seafoam, Glistening Light on the horizon, Sand, inperfections in the Cliffs.

THIN STRAW….Fantastic to drop some paint on the canvas and blow really hard with your straw, you can guide it but i use this to get extra fine and very natural lines in the rock strata that a paint brush can not do.

WATER SPRITZER….. Try putting the Canvas flat on the floor and dawbing various colours in acrylic or watercolour and misting the whole area with water and gently tip and bleed the colours into each other, lie flat to dry and then flick streaks of another colour over the top , i love doing this when doing water scenes, ie rock pools or moving water.

Good luck and enjoy learning to paint with these little tips, Go on , you’ll love it!!!!!