Southwest Landscape Painting: Painting with a limited Palet

As a female Artist, I tend to take too much with me where ever i go, so rather than paint outside which in a perfect world , I would love to do but is not always practical, I take my camera everywhere!!! I have learnt from bitter experience that it’s Murphy’s Law , you will miss that perfect sunset because you didn’t have your camera with you, and you couldn’t record that beautiful glow of fiery colours with a photograph, but when you do, and you look at the paints you may need to achieve that magical moment, you really don’t need that many, in Dusk on the North Cornish Coast, I have used approximately 6 colours, White, Indanthrene Blue, Oxide Chromium Green, Ocre, Taupe and Burnt Umber.
This challenges you to practice your mixing , rather than relying on the right colour to come straight from the tube.