Pencil Sketches : Getting Started

Before putting brush to canvas, a good idea is to get familiar with the view you want to recreate, I find when I am taking photographs of the Cliffs and Beaches of Cornwall or the many Creeks that dot this beautiful County, that although they may make a beautiful photo , they may not make a great Painting, so a good idea is to get into the habit of sketching, look at how your sketch may sit on a canvas , pay particular attention to details that will bring your painting to life , shade , light , different brush techniques, and above all write down little notes to yourself , observing colours , features and light sources.
Now, when you come to recreate your potential masterpiece you will feel familiar and confident with the direction you are taking, gone will be the endless pencil chewing, head scratching and constant excuses to not get started.
You will also have a wonderful log to look back on and treasure.