Acrylic Paint Techniques – Reflections

When I initially take a photo with a view to paint, I am looking for depth of contrast / light & shade, more so than the actual subject.
To get the reflections, you need a strong essence of the above, in this example it is the cliffs and all of the colours that the light and shade bring out in it, if it looks flat , it is because you haven’t been bold enough with those 2 elements.
The reflections all start from the initial dark brown wet sand colour in the far and middle distance which contrast vastly from the dry light sand, a little daunting but once done, use echoes of the cliff colours just a shade darker and draw the brush down adding any slight variations in colour in each pull down, then with a dry very soft brush, use the weight of that on its own to blend together , finally, with flow enhancer bring a couple of varied brush strokes on the horizontal maybe with a hint of blue…..but do not over do this, less is more!!! Good luck